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Pursued by a Werewolf by Selena Blake

Published By: Author
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 9 December 2013
Provided By: Myself
Series: Mystic Isle
Fun and flirty vampiress Avery Cooper has met her match in werewolf Hunter Ciolek. Watch the sparks fly in New York Times Bestselling author Selena Blake’s much anticipated novel, Pursued by a Werewolf, Mystic Isle book 4.

Avery Cooper knows firsthand how love can destroy a person. She vowed to enjoy every moment of her second chance at life while keeping a wall around her heart. But a chance meeting with the ultra-dreamy, smooth talking Hunter Ciolek threatens her carefully constructed rules.

Werewolf Hunter Ciolek knew Avery was the woman for him the moment they met. He negotiated and seduced, befriended and pursued her. But nothing changed her mind about love. Now he’s got a new plan and only a few short weeks to make her see things his way.Because living without her is not an option and this werewolf always gets what he wants.
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When Hunter Ciolek (werewolf) and Avery Cooper (vampire) met two solstices ago during their trip to Mystic Isle they thought one fling would be enough. But when Avery's coven mate (Ceara) and Hunter's brother (Maxim) end up becoming a couple that one weekend fling turns into more. And Avery must deal with being Pursued by a Werewolf. 

Determined to move out of the friends zone, Hunter makes a plan to win Avery's heart. His plan might or might not included attending her yoga classes and pulling in several favors from friends. But in the end he knows his heart is Avery's, now all he has to do is get her on the same page.

Avery's life isn't as simple as it seems to the outside world. Her life before becoming a vampire ended with heart break, and she never wants to feel that way again. So when Hunter continues to pursue her Avery puts her foot down. But his pursuance might just create a crack in her hardened heart.

Pursued by a Werewolf is one of my favorite Selena Blake books by far. Selena took her time with this book and for me as a reader it paid off. Even though readers have been introduced to both Avery and Hunter before I now understand so much more about them. Selena's character development of Avery and Hunter kept me reading when I should have been studying for finals. I connected with Avery in such a way that I thought she was a friend and I was almost in tears when I finished reading.

The Mystic Isle series also includes: Fangs, Fur & Mistletoe (#1)A Werewolf to Call Her Own (#2), and Games Demons Play (#3). The fifth book of the series, Bound to a Vampire is scheduled for Spring 2014.
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