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A Werewolf to Call Her Own by Selena Blake

Published By: Author
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 28 February 2013
Provided By: Myself
Series: Mystic Isle
The ultra handsome beta of Novogrod pack, Maxim Ciolek is taking a much needed vacation on Mystic Isle when a beautiful but shy vampiress catches his eye. She deserves more than a one night stand and because that’s all he can offer her, he vows to leave her alone.

Ceara Blackwell is eager to leave her sheltered life behind and start knocking items off her bucket list. Item one: a first kiss. But as mysterious Maxim works his way into her heart, she wonders if she’s found a forever-kind-of-love.

But love isn’t easily claimed, even in paradise.
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As the sequel to Fangs, Fur & Mistletoe, Selena Blake's A Werewolf to Call Her Own, continues on with  the adventures of the paranormal retreat, Mystic Isle. Through out the second book, readers dive more in depth with the coven of women that were first introduced to in  Fangs, Fur & Mistletoe. As the story of Ceara Blackwell is revealed about this shy vampire shows readers how the possibility of a one night stand can take theirs hearts for a dive with the dolphins.

Ceara has been sheltered and isolated for most of her life, and while she's at Mystic Isle she plans to escape that life. Nervous around others and wants to check the first thing off of her to do list: be kissed. And with the death of her parents several years ago by a demon, Ceara is terrified by them. But, when Maxim Ciolek, spots Ceara he knew there was something special about her. He became her prince charming, saving her when she was distressed and an instant attraction occurred. With growing responsibilities as the beta of his pack Maxim has a lot of expectations from others. But, one perfect night of talking and adventure changes both of their lives. However, the question rises about whether Maxim will help Ceara check everything off on her list or leave her?

Even though A Werewolf to Call Her Own is considered a Novella, it's still a longer winded one. With good character depth, and a great plot line, Selena Blake pulls at the reader's heart strings within the last thirty pages and pulls off another great book with Ceara and Maxim's story. Vampire and Werewolf lovers will fall in love the Mystic Isle series, and  A Werewolf to Call Her Own will capture their hearts with cases of misspelling names, misunderstandings, and a bite.

Just released last week (February 28), this book is wonderful for an individual that would like to read a short novella. If your interested in A Werewolf to Call Her Own there is no requirement to read the first book Fangs, Fur & Mistletoe if you don't want to, though I recommend it. The third book, Games Demons Play, in the Mystic Isle series is due out at the end of April, and is the story of Izzy and her love interest. But get A Werewolf to Call Her Own while it's still hot, and on sale!

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