Monday, October 7, 2013

A Night of Forever by Lori Brighton

Published By: Author
Genre: Paranormal Historical Romance
Release Date: Aug 2013
Provided By: Myself
Series: Night
Who is Aidan Callaghan? Mary Ellen James is intent on uncovering the truth about the mysterious man. But as she soon finds out, some things are best left buried in the past.
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Mary Ellen has seen her life go from a poor vicar's daughter to the sister-in-law of wealthy ship owner named Grayson Bellamount. When his friend Aidan Callaghan arrives at the home she shares with her older sister, she might just have experienced love at first sight. But the mysterious Aidan doesn't fit Mary Ellen's expectation of marrying a wealthy man with a title. A Night of Forever by Lori Brighton is the follow up novella to A Night of Secrets the first of the Night series, entailing the story of the second James sister.

Aidan, like his friend and comrade Grayson hides a dark secret. But when he encounters Mary Ellen something keeps drawing him back to her, even though Aidan knows he's no good for her. The same seems to be happening to Mary Ellen, as she finds herself constantly staring at him. But he's not what she expects in a man. Aidan throughout this short novella must however overcome his personal issues, for Mary Ellen's life counts on it. With a passionate romance brewing between the two however which will be the first to give in?

As a short novella, if you haven't read the first book you may be slightly confused when you pick up A Night of Forever. But I believe readers can easily understand the underlying tale outlined by Lori Brighton. She keeps the novella short, and simple, including only essential characters, while keeping the plot moving easily along. I personally read A Night of Forever before I decided to buy A Night of Secrets and it enticed me to do so, just so I could both follow along with the family, but also understand Grayson and Meg's story. A Night of Forever is preceded by A Night of Secrets and is followed by the soon to be released book #2, A Night of Redemption.

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  1. I have bought the first bk of night series and read the third....But my question is ...
    Whatever happened to "A night of redemption? " It was suppose to be book # 2.... I see post in goodreads, and her blogs dating back to 2012....but I can find the book in order to buy it......