Monday, September 9, 2013

One Night With You by Candace Schuler

Published By: Author
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 2013 (Repub.)
Provided By: Myself
Series: Heart of the City
For Desi, it was a chance to make her fantasies come true. For Jake, it was a night of mind-blowing sex. It wasn’t supposed to lead to anything more.

Now Desi and Jake must decide if that one night of passion—and a baby girl—can turn into a lifetime of love.
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Desi, or rather Desiree Weston, is surprised to learn she's pregnant. She only had a night of passion with one rather handsome and famous actor, and nothing more. With the pill, she thought she was safe, but that 0.01% screwed her over. But seven month's later her baby girl arrives, a premature fiery red head like her mama, and chocolate eyes like her dad. With a baby and a career as a make up artist that she loves, Desi must make the choice to work along side her child's father or to give up the biggest opportunity of her career.

Jake Lancing remembers the night of passion that Desi and he had, one that he can't forget. But with no word from her he's tried to move on with his life. Trying to prove that he's not just a handsome young actor he's taken on the task of directing, producing, and acting the lead role in the movie production of the year's biggest bestseller, Devil's Lady. But when Desi or as he knows her Desiree shows up on set he has to fight every emotion to hold himself back from taking her.

A fight of the wills, One Night With You, previously published as Desiree's Child, shows that to find love you need to take leaps. Candace Schuler, created each character to become unforgettable, even the secondary ones. Even though for some this book might be lacking in plot, it was an enjoyable quick read. One Night With You is the first installment in the Heart of the City series.

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