Monday, November 19, 2012


How to start this off: My name is Andrea, and I love reading. The confession is over and done with! It's out.

Some of you might know me from my old blog Loud Words and Sounds where I posted about mostly Young Adult books and music from 2009 to early 2011. From that point on I disappeared from the blogging community, and stopped posting because of life. At that point I was finishing up my senior year of high school, had my first job, and well started college. And maintaining "LWS" was stressful for me, so I decided to give it a break.

Now, I have decided that break is officially over.

But why am I not back posting on Loud Words and Sounds? Because I'm no longer that same person. I do not have a large interest in Young Adult books. I have a different style, new friends, and new books to read. I decided that instead of going back to "LWS" it was better for me to start off on a new blog, here at Unromantic Mondays, with new followers, and a clean slate.

So here I am back at Unromantic Mondays. And more enthusiastic than ever to find new books, read them, and review them!

Overall, if you don't know me, I have a great love for books, music, and design. I am a freelance website designer on the side, and I enjoy reading Adult Romance novels. And I am and will forever be a band geek; and a Bronte sister fanatic.

Wondering what the meaning to my blog's title is here's a quote from Charlotte Bronte herself from her book, and my favorite one of her books, Shirley to tell you:

Something real, cool and solid lies before you; something unromantic as Monday morning, when all who have work wake with the consciousness that they must rise and betake themselves there to.
This is my favorite quote from Shirley and is the reason why this blog is called Unromantic Mondays.

There will be nothing unromantic about Mondays here however, Mondays will be the day that everything occurs here at this blog!

Because the way my schedule is in college and with all the activities I do, plus freelancing, the days I feel the least amount of stress are typically Mondays. So here's how this blog is going to work at first. I will only be posting on Mondays. And will be mainly only doing reviews, I don't like doing all of those features, they take up a lot of time and energy; when I could be spending time doing a review. If it works out that I'm handling doing reviews only once a week well and not stressing myself out, maybe I'll start doing reviews twice a week. It all depends.

So be sure to stick around! I'll have a review posting soon, after I finish messing around with my design.

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